NYCTA 6 Line by phantom909, JayJay85, Mr Railfan, Dj Hammers, & BStyles

The NYCTA 6 line from Pelham Bay Park to Brooklyn Bridge Uptown Platform. Express and Local versions are included. This file should include all required object folders to run the route.

2015-04-09 21:02:20
Very nice. The sound is a little off, but a nice ride. Drove the EXP. and it was good.
2015-04-12 01:09:56
very good
2015-04-12 04:12:59
FINALLY. excuse my language. But, FUCKING FINALLY. too bad my specs suck
NYCT N train
2015-04-12 15:15:21
Great WOrk Guys! Cant wait for the northbound route. :P
2015-04-13 21:35:14
its not laoding the stations or anything i have windows eight how do i do this
2015-04-13 22:14:47
Excellent SB Lexington Ave #6 Route in NYC i used the Stn103 going to Junior High school and High school and shopping 1968-1979 i now live in Toronto n use the TTC. I noticed the 103stn is the 110stn image other than that the return city hall loop to NB Brooklyn Bridge platform was a nice touch and automations trains etc thanks for the memories.
2015-05-19 16:37:01
I cant get the announcements to work. can someone help please?
2015-06-14 21:51:51
When I run this line, I always skip 103 Street. Why? Right now, it's closed due to construction, and also, it's the same as 110th Street. On a side note, my school's at 110th, so I think this was (and still is) a great experience for me. Thank you for finally releasing this line.
2015-06-18 13:39:59
Very well done builders...the voiceovers are superb---im learning how to drive with this route and its been quite painless...a 40.4 on my first run and im happy with it...Thanks to all involved...
2015-07-02 03:28:54
Finally! So excited to try this out. Thanks a bunch!
2015-09-17 02:39:02
We need someone to make a new model of the R62A! Also the 7 Line!
2015-09-20 03:44:43
Where do I find instructions on how to set this thing up?
2015-10-11 23:00:39
I out the Lisa Raye, 6th Avenue, and 8th Avenue folders in the right place, but all objects don't load when I launch the game. Please help. Thanks.
2015-10-18 20:04:57
Thanks for creating the route but I can not convert it to my hmmsim app
2015-10-18 20:05:19
Please help
2016-02-15 06:48:23
Can you make another 6 Train line in hmmsim version please
2016-03-06 20:24:10
Hmmsim pls
2016-03-20 18:11:30
hmmsim version of 6 line is now avalible
2016-04-11 00:06:57
@brooklyn6train Do you have all the dependencies installed? If not, download them and reinstall the route.
kawasaki R36
2016-06-15 00:44:50
It does not work
2016-07-16 19:26:08
How do you get it on Mac?
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