R142A by Mr Railfan, Dj Hammers, & error46146

The R142A cars were built by Kawasaki at Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan with final assembly performed at Kawasaki Railcar Corp.'s American Facilities located at Lincoln, NE, USA & Yonkers, NY, USA from 1999 through 2004, and have many of the same features as the R142, built by Bombardier. The 400 R142A cars of the main order are numbered 7211-7610; the 120 option cars are numbered 7611-7730. Eighty cars, built under supplemental contract R142S, were built by Kawasaki in 2003-04 to supplement the R142As. They are numbered as 7731-7810. They are mechanically and physically identical to all other R142As, and are considered part of the R142A fleet.

The first ten R142A cars numbered 7211-7220 were delivered in December 1999. Regular service began on the 6 train on July 10, 2000 after several months of testing. The cars maintained at the Jerome Yard run on the 4 while the cars maintained at the Westchester Yard run on the 6.

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can you make a new version of the R62 and the R62A please
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R142 is mta train
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can you make r68B a newer tye of train
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Amazing! Cheers Mate!
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openbve i need help
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