R1 by SelkirkTMO

This is the R1 for BVE. It's by far the most accurate I've ever released. Originally SelkirkTMO's project, I worked on the panel and tweaked the train.dat. This performs on the numbers:

Acceleration - 1.75 MPH/sec
Full Service - 3.0 MPH/sec
Emergency - 3.2 MPH/sec
Top Speed - 45 MPH

Note: Release on the gauge, black needle is 70 lbs.
Full Service on the gauge, black needle is 50 lbs.
Emergency on the gauge, black needle is 0 lbs.

The gauge is VERY small in order to remain in scale with the rest of the cab. When BVE allows for more parameters, this R9 will be updated.

Coming Up: train.dat (not panel) updates for existing R68, R68A, R142, R142A, R143. They will be *spot on* accurate.

-Ed Yee R68A5200@gmail.com

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