GO Transit BiLevels and VIA Rail LRC's by MTLX

Glad to see more NEC and even some Canadian routes being created... I have made available some GO Transit and VIA Rail rolling stock for anyone who wants to use them. The locos are re-skinned F40PH's; the coaches are new/modified models and have animated doors.

(Full image here: http://bvestation.com/asset/251?width=800&height=300)

Full credit to the other developers who have made this train possible:
-Sounds: EiBmaennchen, Hyglo, Barthez, Gothpaladinus, Fan Railer
-Physics: Fan Railer
-Original Exterior models: Graymac, Alejandro Melo, Fan Railer
-3D Cab: Manuel Mejias

2015-11-09 00:07:32
Very good! Can I please release my repaint of the GO Transit here? It is a Tri-Rail repaint.
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