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This is the 1929 IND Second System Route the (EE) this route uses R-46's and R-44's only. Please stop at complete end of the station for the doors to open.THIS ROUTE USES BVE2 only and ONlY BVE 2 . For this route you will need The Octavia Folder from the Q The 8thAve folder from the A and the (EE) Folder People Id Like to thank Mr.Mackoy for creating bve Joe for teaching me how to code letting me use objects Kevin for Releasing the route and the idea for doing a IND SS route JayJay85 for letting me use the tunnel walls and tracks And Lastly CG Textures for the Walls and platform pictures.

Thank you and Enjoy! *Doors Opening !

2015-05-12 17:35:10
where do this rotue run to
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