Fun Coaster Route by nickgoh_45

Thank you for downloading the FCN , which is short for Fun Coaster Night.

This route depicts a scene of a roller coaster in a city. The tracks run through the city called Fun Coaster City where it is home to many people. This is a fictional route.

As BVE is only suited for typical routes, there are certain areas that are not looking good (Especially the suprise drops.)

Certain areas to take note of:

1) When you are entering the tunnels, please remember to keep your speed lower than 10 kph ( Most recommended is 5 kph) . The reason is that the drops are too steep and can result in speed higher than 200 kph at the end.

2) The train set used for this route is R142. You may use BRR to change the trainset.

3) When you exit the tunnels, there will be a sign saying "Stop ~ 100m" . That is the signal for you to prepare to stop.

4) Please make sure your speed in the tunnels is no higher than 200 kph. I forgot to change the speed limit, so the speed limit is 80kph , so ignore when it says " You have exceeded the speed limit."

If you have any enquiries on the route, you can contact me at : 1) Hotmail : 2) BVEStation Forums : nickgoh_45


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