NYCT K 8th Ave Exp (Fictional) by JayJay85

Fictional New York City Transit K 8Ave Express from Octavia Booker-Elmwood, New Jersey to Flatbush Ave Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn

This is AM peak direction 5:45am to 12:15pm New Jersey Express version also their the local New Jersey (all Times runs 24/7) version.

Thank You for downloading our fictional NYC Subway Line. This line is base on history the Utica Avenue line and Extension of 8th Ave local tracks A1 and A2 to New Jersey was supposed to be built by the IND (Second System) back in late 1920s to early 1940s doe to the 1929 stock market crash Depression these lines could not be built.

if these lines was built back in 1930s then today these lines would have a very high ridership.

weekday daily ridership is 644,000.

K Line car Assigments AM hours: 250 R-32, 80 R-46, 200 R-40 Slant Total 55 Trains. PM hours: 250 R-32, 72 R-46, 200 R-40 Slant Total 54 Trains.

I would like to thank the following people:

Mr.Mackoy for the BVE program and his generosity in giving it to us for free. Rudiger Hulsmann for his Switch program used to make all rails and curved road objects. Robert Marrero - R-143 pics Taken From the NYCT Folder to make the R-160B static train object. Joe ONeil for use of some of his objects from the A Line between 168 Street to Nostrand Avenue. some of the objects are made by me. the rest of the objects are made my Octavia Booker. Jada Francis for her K Local and K Express announcements. Olivia Deas for her K utica Ave Express and K Shuttle announcements.

Installing the Route:

The files are in a self-extracting format, just choose your main BVE folder.

In case it`s not working check the files to see if they are in the correct folders:

In the Routes folder you should have 2 folders named "NYCT-K" and "NYCT-K (NJ Express)" In the Objects folder you should have 2 folders named "UticaA" and "UticaB" (only if you don't these two folder already from oringal K Line) In the Sounds folder you should have a folder named "KExp" In the Objects folder you should have a folder named "Nightservice" thats goes inside the UticaB folder

any questions mail me at

Jamie Pauling and Octavia Booker

2016-02-10 14:26:36
The K was a route that served as THE 8TH AVE LOCAL in the 80's (in addition to the C) so it wasnt fictional
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