Metro Transit 8 Line by TJay1724

This was the first route I made for BVE when I learned how to do so. I never released it and have decided to update it. This is it.

This download contains 2 route files. A Early Morning Rush Hour Express, and a Late Night Local. The route files are optomized to perform with the NYCTA R142 Subway Car. (This is a fictional route!!)


1) The Express file makes 14 Stops. Most platforms are 175 meters. Some are 200. Make sure you apply brakes at the appropriate time.

2) The Local file makes 21 Stops. Again, most platforms are 175 meters. Some are 200. Make sure you apply brakes at the appropriate time.

3) Follow all speed markers. (There are not many of them. You can pretty much open it up!!!)

4) The 8 line runs from Franklin Street, Brooklyn to Highbridge, Brooklyn. All station names are real streets in the borough of Brooklyn.

5) The 8 line began service on March 27th, 1962 to provide service to Northern Brooklyn. It makes it's connection with the 7 Local at Flushing Avenue, and is a supplemental line. It has heavy ridership.

;============================ ; LEGAL STUFF ;============================

The objects contained in this route are property of Tony C.(2xpress), Joe O.(ONeilPhantom909), and Robert Marrero. Obviously you know you need permission from these guys to use their objects. The route files may not be edited and distributed without prior consent from myself. You can contact me at,


Thanks Again and enjoy. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

2016-03-27 14:45:59
The route was amazing seeing how I have an INTEL HD GRAPHICS PC with the average of 30 - 50 FPS, the scenery was cool as well on the first half of the journey overground. 10/10 :D
2021-02-19 23:40:10
Does not work! What do i do
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