NYCTA H Line by JayJay85

(H) IND 8 Ave / IND Kings and Richmond / Hylan Blvd (version 7.0) West New York, New Jersey to Perth Amboy, New Jersey or Stuyvesant Avenue, Staten Island N.Y

------------------------------- Installation: -------------------------------

Running this installer, should install into your BVE directory.

------------------------------- Known Issues -------------------------------
1. This is a high quality route, and you may experience lag (in frame rates).
2. in order for this route to work you will need the A Line and Q Line or F Line (8thAve, Lefshut, Octavia, object folders).
3. you will need R46_2 and R40 Slant trainsets to play these routes in BVE2 and BVE4, openBVE you can used any train set
4. if u have the old NYCT-H let the new one overwrite the old one.
------------------------------- Copyrights/Terms of Use/Rights/Credits: -------------------------------
Majority of the objects were written and created by Joe Oneil (Phantom909) and me. Some objects (some of the building objects) came from Nickgoh45 who made the Ariport Express Line. Announcements were created by me. Some objects created by all other members from (including TJay1724). Thanks some TTmg members for getting some data. Other credits (RouteBuilder): credits -- freeobject artists used with kind permission/free-to-use-donations/ by routebuilder object base library agreement


Darwin Fons de Jong Jan de Jong Lemontea mtrkwt Rainer Hübner Sanford Mace Simon Man smace(his/her converter) smace(mirror the left one to do this) Thomas233 Uwe Post You may not reuse these objects without permission from the author, and you may not redistribute this route. Please email the author or contact him through or contact any member who make routes, if you wish to seek permission to use any part of this route. Questions or comments? Go ahead and post it in our forums at Jamie Pauling (JayJay85) ( mackoy (Creator of BVE!) And thanks to all our beta testers: Thank you for downloading this route! Enjoy!

Notice: this is a Revised version of the F line and this version won't be the final version the final Version 5.0 with all the fixes is coming soon (in June or July 2011) release date 03/13/2011

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