NYCTA R Shuttle by The NYCTBA Team

New York City Transit Authority R Line from 95th Street, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to 36th Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

I would like to thank the following people:

Mr. Mackoy for his tremendous contribution to the train-sim world giving us BVE and all other Route Builders throughout the world for their contributions to the BVE world.

The NYCTBA team:

Tony C for his artwork on most of the textures on this route Me for his announcements Robert Marrero for allowing some of his objects from his routes Marcus, Clayton, & Trevor for keeping our website the best BVE site around Ernie Alston & Tony Montalbano for the use of some of their objects Phil & Jeff for their research into the route which helped me immensely And everyone else who gave me encouragement to put all the contributions together

I would also like to make a couple of dedications:

To all the innocent victims of 9/11/01, WE WILL NEVER FORGET

To all the military personnel from the USA and all countries that are fighting the war against terrorism wherever it is found , GOD BLESS YOU, WE PRAY FOR YOU.

This Route is a BETA release, Some of the stations are not detailed totally, I will be working on them and when completed, the route will be re-released.

The Route is depicted as accurately as I could make it, distances, grades and signals are as close as I could make them

The speed limit for this route is 35mph (56kph), unless otherwise noted by the markers that appear throughout the route. If you keep to the speed restrictions, you should have no or very minimal delays as you drive the route.

That`s about it, Look for the completed version, sometime in the future

Thank You again for downloading this route. Enjoy!

Joe ONeil

2017-05-18 01:58:04
Help! I can't get the brake to come off. Any suggestions?
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