NYCTA P (Fictional) by Blue18

================= Introduction =================
This route goes from 11th Avenue, Chelsea Piers in Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport, Delta Terminal in Queens traveling through the busiest places of New York. This is a very HIGH ridership (the second most ridership besides the A line).

The HL shares the P tracks from 31st Street to 46th Street, stopping at Steinway Street. The HL line merges with the P line and then runs Express (skipping 46th Street) to Ditmars Blvd. That connection also heads to the LaGuardia Yard as well (and my next route will include the LaGuardia Yard).

The train-sets used for this route is the R46 and R160B. In the future, the R160 Siemens sets will be used for the route.

======================== Download Information ========================
The route is ONLY to be downloaded from (NO WHERE ELSE)!!!! You will need Kevin�s G route as it will use some objects from the route. You will need the R46B train set for this route. I will re-release the route when the R160 Siemens is completed.

================== Special Thanks ==================
I would like to thank the following people for helping us with this route (both directly and indirectly): � Kevin (ipaclansite) � Bill (error46146) � Aaron (cityrailoscar) � Bryant (coneykidw8) � Especially Joe (Phantom09) � My brother Blaze aka Daquan Johnson (who did the announcements) � And finally my cousin Jaywone (JayWon142)

This route is COPYRIGHTED by me (trainspot12) and Jaywone (JayWon142). The tunnels are COPYRIGHTED by Kevin of BVEStation (aka ipaclansite). I don�t really care about you asking for permission to use my objects, JUST as long as you ask. I really get PISSED off when people use my objects, without permission and claim that it theirs. If you want to use any of the objects of the routes, email me or IM me at

Transpot12�s addresses DayQuon16 (my AIM IM address) (AOL Email Address)

JayWon142�s addresses JayWone160 (Aim IM Address) (AOL Email Address)

So please don�t make me or Jaywone angry by stealing stuff from our routes. For the other email addresses, you can email me

================== Disclaimer ==================
Me, nor anybody from accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of hardware on your computer, or malfunctioning or freezing. This route was tested several times and operates in high quality. The loading/frame rates should be high, however users of older computers may experience crashing or low frame rates. This version will work on windows XP and Vista very well. Enjoy and have a great time.

LJ aka trainspot12 Supervisor of JL Transit Association

2016-03-20 22:08:46
Hmmsim version?
2018-08-09 13:13:22
what does i look like?
2018-11-16 02:02:15
R46B train set link?
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